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June 28, 2016


Suburban Immigrant Leaders Disappointed with Supreme Court Decision Blocking Immigration Relief; Vow to Keep Fighting Against Deportations & Participate in Fall Elections. 

(Bolingbrook IL, June 28)– Last week, the Supreme Court reached an impasse when it voted 4-4 in one of the most consequential immigration cases in recent history, United States v. Texas. The High Court’s failure to fall one way or another in the case leaves in place a lower court decision that blocks the Obama administration’s deferred action immigration initiative known as DAPA and the expansion of DACA from being implemented.

The failure to reach a decision by the Supreme Court has grave consequences for nearly 5 million immigrant families that were awaiting protection from deportation, and the ability to potentially obtain a work permit. Petra Hernandez, a Bolingbrook resident, and an immigrant leader who would have benefitted from DAPA explains “We had been waiting for this ruling for a long time, and its very disappointing, that the Supreme Court could not even reach a decision, but the fight continues, and we look forward to finding other solutions to our broken immigration system.”

SSIP vows to keep fighting against deportations, and will be launching a youth led initiative on civic engagement to register and educate new voters for the fall elections. “We will make our voices and votes heard in the November elections, our youth leaders have pledged to register more than 1,000 new voters in the Will and DuPage county area in the next few months,” said José Eduardo Vera, SSIP’s executive director.

SSIP will be hosting a community meeting on Wednesday June 29, 2016 at 7pm at St. Dominic’s Church located at 440 E. Briarcliff Rd. Bolingbrook, IL. 60440 to inform the suburban immigrant community on where we go from here. Also, a DACA informational session/workshop on Saturday July 9th, 2016 at 9am at Westbrook Christian Church, 1175 Lily Cache Ln. Bolingbrook, IL 60440, these events are open to the press.

For more information visit SSIP’s website, ssipchicago.org or call 630.863.9130.