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Elizabeth “Liz” Campbell, 59, husband-Ronald(62) marred for 32 years, children: Willie-41, Rahsaan-41, Kerrissa-39, Veronica-38,Keshelda-37, ten grandchildren.  I am a Parent Child Educator (teaching parents how to teach their children from 6 weeks to 3 years) with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet serving low income family of all cultures in Will County.  I go into the homes once a week using a Home Based curriculum.  I was a Substitute Teacher for Valley View before I got on the Board in 1997.

Why have you decided to run for election/reelection in the Valley View Community Unit School District No. 365U race for members of the board of education? I have decided to run for the School Board again because I feel the need to have continued diversity and representation of all cultures in the District.

 What project most needs to be completed within the Valley View School District? And how would you work to ensure the project is actually finished and done well? The change that has and is taking place in our District due to cultural and economic of the students we serve.  I intend to continue to advocate and follow the Mission of the District that every child can and will learn with the right person with the right mindset.  The change has to be that we adjust to the children and their needs in order to serve the children, parents, and staff.

The Valley View School district is very diverse. According to the Illinois Report Card issued for the 2015-2016 school year 43% students are Latino, 20.1% are black, 25.8% are white, 6.6% are Asian, and 4.1% students are from two races or more. What role do you think schools play in maintaining our community diverse and welcoming to people of all backgrounds? The school plays a vital part because each student should be welcomed with the diversity that they bring.  It should be clearly understand that they are valuable and wonderfully made in God’s image (all students and staff).

What differentiates you from other candidates running for this seat? I have been on the School Board for 20 years and desire to advocate for all. I care and I can be trusted.    I am not afraid to stand up for what is right for this District regardless of who stands with me because I know that I and stand by myself.  I know that Jesus is standing with me and this is what He would do. 

Outside of politics, what are some of your other interests? I am a Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and Member of Alpha Missionary Baptist Church for 33 years and love my job serving low income families from all cultures.  I come to this position as a servant as I have served in Jerusalem, Africa, Guatemala, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Mexico in March and April and the Navajo Nations in June.

 Why should people vote for you in this race? I am different because my life motto is “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.