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Name: Melissa McCloud       Age: 42

Immediate Family: Husband, Sean; Daughter, Samantha

Current occupation: Sales Representative for an academic publishing company

Why have you decided to run for election/reelection in the Bolingbrook Park District race for park commissioner? I have very much enjoyed my role as Park District Commissioner. I first ran for this office and decided to run again because of my love for the park district and my desire to be more involved in my community. My family and I were customers of the district for several years before I ever became involved, and we are still. I feel like I have a vested interest in seeing the park district succeed.

What project most needs to be completed in the Bolingbrook Park District? And how would you work to ensure the project is actually finished and done well? Our top priority would be to continue to provide world class services and facilities to our district while maintaining affordability, and balancing that with our continued responsibility to the tax payers.

Bolingbrook is very diverse. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2015, 20.4% of Bolingbrook residents are African-American, 24.5% are Latinos, 11.4% are Asians, and 41.7% are white. What will you do to ensure the Bolingbrook Park District offers culturally relevant and affordable programs for all the community? The park district periodically surveys residents of the district and customers for their opinions on issues such as programming and costs. We need to pay
attention to these results and make changes if and when they are needed. A financial assistance program is available to those who wish to apply. I would also encourage any citizen who would like to share their ideas on any of these issues to reach out to a board member or attend a board meeting.

What differentiates you from the other candidate running for this seat? I come to this election with 4 years of experience serving on the board, most of this time as its secretary. Every meeting, workshop and conversation with our other longstanding board members, or staff member, has been a valuable learning experience that I intend to use moving forward. Personally, as the parent of a young child, I  can relate to the interests and needs of children today, as well as their families, including some of their challenges.

Outside of politics, what are some of your other interests? Some of my interests include spending time with my family, travel, reading and being out in nature.

Why should people vote for you in this race? My experience, my proven dedication to this job and my understanding of its challenges moving head.