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SSIP Candidate Questionnaire Trustee Candidate

Name: Robert Jaskiewicz     Age: 66

Immediate Family: Wife- Linnea, and five children, Amy, Kimberly, Ryan, Jay and Sean

Current Occupation: Sales and Managing Director for 12five Capital LLC

Why have you decided to run for election/reelection in the Village of Bolingbrook Mayoral race? The huge debt that has been built up over the years, well over $300,000,000.00 with no real plan to pay it down. Compare our debt to that of Naperville or Romeoville and it makes you wonder, where did all that money go. Moody’s has downgraded the Villages credit rating several times now, causing our interest rates to increase on the debt principal. We need to adjust our budget so that significant revenues are set aside and applied to this outstanding debt.

The current group of elected officials do not have the back of our local residents. It’s a Pay for Play system for the mayor and his team. You donate to my campaign and you get favors and contracts. Their attitude is the end justifies the means.

I’m for listening to, and caring about all the residents and businesses of our wonderful Village. What can we do to serve them and make this a great place for them to want to stay here and raise a family. It’s time to listen to ALL the voices in the community, and not just the select view.

The current group of elected officials have failed us by spending much needed tax dollars on programs, events or things that benefit a few and not the majority. Investing in property surrounding the golf club and losing money on that investment. Allowing certain business owners major tax breaks, use of village property, etc to enrich themselves personally on our property tax dollars. Granting of no bid contracts. Bullying local businesses to support projects or programs they do not believe in, but the owners know full well that if they do not support them, they will lose village contracts. Appointing themselves to various jobs, to increase their income, than taking political donations from the same people/businesses they are entrusted to police or monitor.

What project most needs to be completed in Bolingbrook? And how would you work to ensure the project is actually finished and done well? I believe we need an Economic Development Commission to work diligently and full time to bring in businesses that will take advantage of our empty storefronts, upgrade the areas surrounding these vacant areas and bring in well paying jobs and not just the slew of temp services jobs currently being provided by the warehouse expansion that has taken place within the Village.

We need to eliminate the pay for play contracts or at least not renew them when they come due, and make them fair for the Village and it’s residents.

Entities that are owned by the Village that are losing money, and really have no hope of making money should be reviewed, possibly privatized or sold off so we have more funds to pay down the debt and or develop and run meaningful programs that most of our residents can benefit from and not just the few who benefit off of the existing losing entities.

To make sure these areas were worked on successfully I would take a personal interest in each one of them. As quickly as possible we would form and hire and Economic Development Director and make sure they are motivated to bring in new businesses to Bolingbrook that will not only house their businesses in the empty storefronts, but hire people with a livable wage.

Regarding Pay for Play, as soon as we could legally get out of the existing contracts, either enter into new contracts the are fair to the Village and bring in the revenue that should be expected from these projects.

Review the budget and look at income and expenses for all Village entities and programs. Place a priority on the ones that benefit the majority of residents and look to sell off or privatize the ones that cost the village revenue or do not benefit the our residents for the most part.

Bolingbrook is very diverse. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2015, 20.4% of Bolingbrook residents are African-American, 24.5% are Latinos, 11.4% are Asians, and 41.7% are white. What will you do to ensure Bolingbrook remains a diverse community and welcoming to people of all backgrounds? I am willing to meet and work with representatives of the various groups and learn what are the priorities and do what I can to best represent our residents. I mean both race and religious groups. We, as a community need to protect the rights and lives of all our residents. If we need to become a Sanctuary City, I am willing to push for that as well.

What differentiates you from the other candidate running for this seat? I am not a professional politician. I’m running not to further my interest but to further the interest of our residents. The current group of elected officials represent the whims of the Mayor and not the concerns and issues of our residents. This needs to change.

Outside of politics, what are some of your other interests? I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. I enjoy building our business 12five Capital LLC. I play golf (badly) but have fun. I enjoy volunteering and helping others. I’m president of the local Rotary Club and I serve on Bolingbrook Chamber Board of Directors as well. I’ve been an active volunteer for numerous other organizations and not for profit groups.

Why should people vote for you in this race? It truly is time for some new blood at Village Hall. For the last 30 years the same group of people have been running the Village and unfortunately, they believe and act like it is their job for life. There is too much at stake in the future of Bolingbrook to allow complacent elected officials lead the way. I’m will bring a different view to the table and hopefully convince the others that serve with me that we need to service all our residents and not just a select few.