If you have any questions about the organization or our special events please contact any of these staff members:


Jose Eduardo Vera, Executive Director (Co-Founder) 

Phone: (630) 863-9130

Email: jvera@ssipchicago.org


Elizabeth Cervantes, Director of Organizing (Co-Founder) 

Phone: (708) 828-5996

Email: elizabeth@ssipchicago.org


Isabel Diaz, Parent Engagement Organizer

Phone: (708) 244-0018

Email: idiaz@ssipchicago.org


Nancy Garcia, Civic Engagement Organizer 

Phone: (815) 603-7538

Email: ngarcia@ssipchicago.org


Antonieta Castrejon- Parent Mentor Coordinator

Guillermina Sanchez- Parent Mentor Coordinator 

Leticia Ramirez- Parent Mentor Coordinator

Idalia Cervantes- Parent Mentor Coordinator

Sadaf Afroze- Parent Mentor Coordinator