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Name: Vickie Sutterlin       Age:  65 yrs. Young

Immediate Family:  Husband: Ernest, 69.   Daughter: Teshia- Graduate of Bolingbrook High School. Son-in-law: Martin and 3 grandsons.

Current Occupation: Retired Teacher from the Valley View School District

Why have you decided to run for election/reelection in the Valley View Community Unit School District No. 365U race for members of the board of education? I have decided to run as a candidate for the Valley View School Board for several reasons. As a retired teacher of the District, I believe that I have the insight and experiences that would benefit the school board as well as an understanding of the challenges that a unit district faces within a widely diverse community. I also wanted to give back to my community and to still be involved in the educational process. I believe that the children are our future and a solid well-rounded education will provide the necessary foundation for their future.

What project most needs to be completed within the Valley View School District? And how would you work to ensure the project is actually finished and done well? One of the major projects that the District has been working on is the expansion of the Early Childhood Center which will provide the opportunity for even more children to get a jump start on their education and to equip them early on with skills to be successful lifelong learners. As with any program or project, senior leadership would be expected to report back as to the progress being made regarding the physical development of the center and to provide any data to substantiate progress of the students.

The Valley View School district is very diverse. According to the Illinois Report Card issued for the 2015-2016 school year 43% students are Latino, 20.1% are black, 25.8% are white, 6.6% are Asian, and 4.1% students are from two races or more. What role do you think schools play in maintaining our community diverse and welcoming to people of all backgrounds? The role of the schools plays a significant part in educating our students and welcoming the wide diversity of the community. I believe that the schools do embrace the opportunity to educate and accepts the diversity amongst our population through their curriculum and through their before and after school clubs, programs and events. I attended just this past week two different multi-cultural fairs in the District that were very organized, very interesting, informative, well attended and simply well done. You can see how much thought, work and passion went into the event.

What differentiates you from other candidates running for this seat? I have taught 37 years in the District and have had many opportunities to be involved in a variety of committees at the school level as well as the District level. I have also been involved in several educational initiatives one in which I had developed and was instituted by the District. In addition to my educational duties, I have served in several leadership roles which have allowed me the opportunity to witness the challenges of running a unit district not only in the classroom, but also in the day-to -day operation. I believe that because of the many diversified experiences that I have had in my career, I would be a knowledgeable and valuable asset on the school board. I understand the challenges and complexities involved in the educational process. Also, being a resident of the community for 30 years gives me an additional insight to the needs of our community.

Outside of politics, what are some of your other interests? I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am very fortunate to be able to spend time with my adorable grandsons and being able to take part in their development. I also enjoy trying out different restaurants and going to the movies and plays. Another of my favorite things to do is to be creative whether it is through gardening or crafting something.

Why should people vote for you in this race? I feel that people should vote for me because I bring many years of experience to the School Board as well as my willingness to work collaboratively. I am a person who listens to all sides of the story and gathers facts before making a decision and will do my best to be accessible to the members of the communities. I believe that we need to provide the best education for our students, but we need to be practical in our approach. I have the children’s best interest at heart as well as the community regardless of whether or not they have students in our schools. My understanding of the needs of the community is also through volunteering for various events such as the Valley View Education Enrichment Foundation, Cavalcade of Planes, H2O as well as an appointment on the Civics and Cultural Affair Commission.