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Name: Victor D. Zack       Age: 53
Immediate Family:
Patricia Cowley-Zack (wife)
Darcy (daughter)
Mitchell (son)
Jeffrey (son)
Current Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Why have you decided to run for election/reelection in the Valley View Community Unit School District No. 365U race for members of the board of education? I want to lend my experience and continue to build on the successes of VVSD. My back ground in management and finance would be a great help.

What project most needs to be completed within the Valley View School District? And how would you work to ensure the project is actually finished and done well? An Early Child Hood center will insure that we can reach as many preschoolers as possible to give them a head start in the educational process.

The Valley View School district is very diverse. According to the Illinois Report Card issued for the 2015-2016 school year 43% students are Latino, 20.1% are black, 25.8% are white, 6.6% are Asian, and 4.1% students are from two races or more. What role do you think schools play in maintaining our community diverse and welcoming to people of all backgrounds? VVSD and the communities we serve are very diverse and the district has embraced that diversity.  We are proud of how the students embrace diversity.  We graduate students that are prepared for the world we live in.

What differentiates you from other candidates running for this seat? I am a White Oak Library Trustee, and I was appointed to the VVSD, to fill a vacancy.  As a result, I have learned the value and needs of having educational platforms that work together to serve the community.  My experiences will bring value to the board so we can continue to move VVSD forward.

Outside of politics, what are some of your other interests? Enjoy watching my boys play baseball and my daughter play soccer.  Two of my children are graduates of the VVSD and one is a senior.  Two of my children actively engaged play college sports.

 Why should people vote for you in this race? I will bring years of business experience and practicality to the board.  I am active and accessible in the community.

My educational background is:
Elmhurst College 1986  Bachelor of Science Degree.
Core studies Business Management.
I am a member of the following associations:
Hampton Park Social and Athletic Club
Knights of Columbus, St. Andrew the Apostle Church
Romeoville Historical Society
White Oak Library Trustee.
I will work to represent all residents on the VVSD community whether or not they have students in our schools.