If you have any questions about the organization or our special events please contact any of these staff members:

Our Staff

Jose Eduardo Vera
Executive Director (Co-Founder)
Phone: (630) 863-9130
Email: jvera@ssipchicago.org
Elizabeth Cervantes
Director of Organizing (Co-Founder)
Phone: (708)828-5996
Email: elizabeth@ssipchicago.org
Isabel Diaz
Parent Engagement Organizer
Phone: (708) 244-0018
Email: idiaz@ssipchicago.org
Nancy Garcia

Civic Engagement Organizer
Phone: (815) 603-7538

Tanner Simeon-Cox

Community Organizer
Phone:(630) 296-6755
Email: tanner@ssipchicago.org

Alexia Manjarrez

Administrative Support
Phone:(630) 296-6755
Email: alexia@ssipchicago.org

Parent Mentor Program

Antonieta Castrejon

Parent Mentor

J.R. Tibbott Elementary School

Guillermina Sanchez

Parent Mentor

Independence Elementary School

Leticia Ramirez

Parent Mentor Coordinator BJ Ward Elementary School

Idalia Cervantes

Parent Mentor Coordinator Skoff Elementary School

Safia Sheik

Parent Mentor
Pioneer Elementary School

Tanner Simeon-Cox

Parent Mentor Coordinator Jonas E. Salk Elementary School


Parent Mentor Coordinator Hermansen Elementary School


Parent Mentor Coordinator Oak View Elementary School

Mariachi Matters

Juan Cervantes, Sr.

Music Director


Juan Daniel Cervantes

Lead Music Instructor

New Americans Initiative

Alex Zapien

Citizenship Instructor
White Oak Public Library District – Crest Hill

Amos Rogers

Citizenship Instructor
Fountaindale Public Library


Marjorie Kubacki

Citizenship Instructor
Indian Prairie Public Library